Legal outsourcing and services for business

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Legal outsourcing and services for business

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Legal support is the key to a successful business for many companies, organizations and enterprises in Kiev and all over Ukraine. Legal entities and private entrepreneurs often face problems with legislative changes, pricing policy, marketing challenges and unfair competition. So nowadays, running a business without reliable legal support turns to be very risky. Moreover, one-off legal advice may not be as effective as possible. In this case, you need comprehensive legal assistance.

We offer a legal support subscription package for companies of different ownership forms that provides comprehensive legal assistance and helps to protect business from a legal perspective.

We offer a wide range of legal services in various fields of law

  • Тax law – representation of clients' interests in legal relations with the State Tax Service of Ukraine, as well as providing legal advice on taxation and tax legislation
  • Сorporate law – legal outsourcing (data maintenance, preparation and development of the required constituent documentation); registration of representative offices, subsidiaries and branch offices of the parent company
  • Labor law – assistance in numerous legal issues in the field of labor relations, drafting and keeping a record of personnel documentation (legal outsourcing)
  • Commercial and contract law – audit, maintenance and development of contractual documentation of a business entity (legal outsourcing)
  • Intellectual property law – protection and registration of the rights of an enterprise that relate to intellectual property
  • Lawyers defense of the rights of an enterprise in resolving disputes
  • Highly qualified lawyers and attorneys provide legal advice on all issues


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Having a solid background of profound knowledge and experience, our lawyers and attorneys will do their best to succeed in any case. Legal support subscription service is one of our main practices, provided by a separate department.

Who can be interested in legal support subscription package?

Legal support can be helpful for the following categories of companies (usually ordered by the following categories of companies):

  • Those who have their own legal department, but its employees do not have enough knowledge and level of qualifications for solving complicated issues
  • Those who do not have an in-house lawyer
  • When the legal department cannot cope with the required amount of work

Moreover, such external support will help to make sure that you run your business properly and nothing puts your company in danger so it will bring you a stable income in the future. You can always ask our lawyers and attorney about a legal support subscription package and order it to secure your business.

Characteristic of services provided for different types of companies

There are certain features for serving different enterprises. We offer legal services for such companies:

  • Enterprises and organizations – a form of cooperation with newly created or existing companies, which includes accounting and tax audits, consultations, contractual relations, business protection and a number of other services that are included in the subscription service.
  • Foreign companies – for residents and non-residents who carry out activities in Ukraine. There are many specific regulations that govern the activities of foreign representative offices.
  • Charitable organizations – assistance in choosing a form of business, registration, development of contracts, constituent documents, consultations.
  • Services for cooperative associations – consultations of all members regarding labor, commercial and contract law, registration and keeping a record of documentation (legal outsourcing).
  • Private entrepreneur – legal outsourcing (registration, liquidation, legal defense, maintenance of documentation) and representation of interests in public authorities.

Moreover, we provide legal services for construction companies, medical and financial institutions.

Why us?

Experience in the field of advocacy and jurisprudence allows us to find effective solutions in providing legal assistance.

Our advantages:

  • a fixed price for provided services
  • profound knowledge and experience in the field of legal support subscription
  • working for well-known companies
  • highly qualified specialists in all the areas of legal practice
  • the possibility of a specialist visiting
  • judicial practice
  • legal support for the business 24/7, at any time

We always follow the latest industry trends and market dynamics; therefore, we provide professional assistance in business and legal services for enterprises of different ownership forms. A non-standard approach to solving problems, combined with high quality legal expertise, allows us to complete tasks for the client without delays.

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