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Real estate rent is one of the most lucrative sources of income for Ukrainians, especially in the capital. The demand for rental housing or office is growing all the time, however, property owners do not always have the opportunity to rent objects on their own due to lack of free time, living outside the city or even the country, constant business trips, etc.

If you own real estate, but you do not have the time or desire to deal with its delivery, you can contact us. Management of real estate in Kiev will certainly interest you, because it is profitable.

It is not the first year that we have been providing trust management services and helping the owners of apartments, houses, offices, cottages. With us you get guaranteed support from lawyers and attorneys.

Features of trust management of real estate

Trust management of objects appeared 10-15 years ago and quickly became popular. These are comprehensive property protection and management services aimed at generating income. The owner transfers certain limited rights to the management company, which can perform certain actions and represent his interests in the future. This can be a one-time occurrence or trust management of real estate objects on an ongoing basis.

Trust management services in Kiev are ideal for owners who often go on a business trip, live abroad, or often travel for business, tourism and travel. Our company deals with all current issues: renting an object, preparing housing, controlling tenants, ensuring the life of the object, technical support, uninterrupted operation of security systems, timely payment of rent and other issues.

How it works?

To make your property work for you when you go about your business, you just need to order a trust management from us in Kiev. To do this, call us or place an order through the website – we will do the rest.

How it works:

  • Initial consultation and meeting with the client at the site to determine the scope of work.
  • Calculations and preparation of estimates, signing the contract.
  • Immediately after signing the contract, we start working.
  • Selection of a team of specialists.
  • Transfer of real estate to management.
  • Receiving income every month and transferring it to the owner.


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Real estate management in Kiev includes legal and documentary support for lease relations. Our company assumes the responsibility of concluding construction contracts and choosing tenants. We pay due attention to all organizational and legal issues in order to find out the problems you are interested in even before signing the contract. Thanks to a complete audit of the facility, the owner will receive not only an independent expert opinion on the efficiency of maintenance and management, but also recommendations for optimizing costs. Depending on the wishes of our clients, we offer both a full range of services and one-time assistance. The price for services is available to every resident of the capital.

We manage real estate objects


We manage real estate objects


10 reasons to order property management from us

The main feature of our company is the availability of qualified lawyers, lawyers, realtors, accountants, as well as a team of repairmen on the staff. All of them work in a well-established relationship and perfectly complement each other’s actions. We offer not just trust management of real estate in Kiev, but also property protection, solution of issues of domestic, legal and financial nature.

Clients appreciate our advantages:

  • Monthly site visit and apartment condition check
  • Drawing up a legal lease agreement with the tenant
  • Complete absence of penalties for late payments and, if necessary, communication with utilities
  • Checking people before moving in
  • Property management in Kiev is carried out by a whole team: lawyers, managers, realtors, repairmen, clearing company
  • Сontrol of all receipts and invoices for real estate
  • Taking out insurance to protect against major risks. The subject of insurance is determined individually, after communicating with the owner
  • Assistance in troubleshooting technical and other problems
  • Convenient way of transferring rent to any country and in different currencies
  • Impeccable reputation and confidentiality information

The services of a management company in Kiev from our company are in great demand among our clients. We will help you find an emergency solution in any situation. With a long-term rental strategy and effective methods of communication with tenants, you can significantly increase the income for the owners.

Contact us, we will help you make money on your property!

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