Legal support for the purchase of an apartment in Kyiv and Kyiv region

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Legal support for the purchase of an apartment in Kyiv and Kyiv region

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Due to the high risk of dangerous fraud, periodic changes in legislation and an increase in the number of real estate transactions, legal support for purchase an apartment in Kyiv is necessary. Different purchase conditions are possible: mortgage, inheritance of an apartment or on the basis of a deed of gift, purchase of an apartment in a new construction building or on the secondary market. Each of the type of purchase has its own special aspects. Our real estate lawyer will provide you with a full range of services related to transaction support, buying of real estate in the capital.

What should you pay attention on while buying an apartment?

There are many nuances and issues that you need to pay attention before buying an apartment. Based on the practical experience of our real estate lawyers, we have identified some key issues that deserve special attention.

What factors should you pay attention on while buying an apartment:

  • Be sure to carefully inspect the housing. As our lawyers say, it will be difficult to change anything if a buyer has noticed any problems in the apartment after conducting the agreement of sale and purchase of an apartment. Therefore, before signing an agreement, you must have the most complete picture of the condition of the apartment
  • Be sure to talk with your neighbors. Not all information can be obtained from the documents - often the neighbors can provide invaluable information about the apartment and its owners
  • Collect and check all documents - if it is difficult for you to understand all the legal details, it would be advisable to seek the services of lawyers. By checking the documents, it is necessary to require that the seller provides exclusively originals of documents
  • You should make sure on the basis of which documents it was transferred to the owner if the apartment was inherited. It can be a law or the will. It is also important to check whether there are other heirs, because they are able to challenge the transaction, this can be done by a lawyer while buying an apartment in Kyiv
  • If necessary, you should make a technical examination - do not take the seller’s word for granted on the technical condition of the apartment, everything must be documented
  • Be sure that all residents who were registered in the apartment have been successfully de-registered from the apartment and utilities are fully paid before signing the agreement of sale and purchase of an apartment. This is especially important, because then you can face significant troubles

In the case of a mortgage, it is advisable that the buyer immediately obtain ownership for the property during the payment. Also you should consult with a broker and a notary what secure payment options do they provide. Some notaries work only with cashless payments – this must be clarified in advance. As you can see, there are a lot of questions and that is why it is so important to have accompany of professionals supporting you while buying an apartment.

Support services for the purchase of an apartment or other real estate

Our team of lawyers is ready to provide a range of services that include:

  • Full legal support for the purchase of an apartment
  • Oral and written consultation on all issues not only of the purchase of an apartment, but also of the sale of all types of real estate
  • Services related to the preparation and execution of the agreements of sale and purchase of an apartment or other real estate
  • Verification of transaction legality and support of transaction for buying of an apartment
  • Visit of a lawyer at the transaction object, inspection of the object on the spot
  • Legal analysis of all documents that confirm the ownership of a property
  • Checking the legal status of the seller of real estate, as well as the developer
  • Negotiating between the parties to the transaction, clarifying their rights, requirements and obligations
  • If necessary, registration of the agreement of sale-purchase
  • Legal support while buying an apartment with notarization of the transaction
  • Assistance related to obtaining a certificate of ownership of a certain type of real estate


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We are also actively push back against various types of fraud, long term construction project and illegal injections of funds, which our customers often encounter. They trust us because we guarantee complete confidentiality, quality of service and reasonable prices. We are interested in establishing of long-term partnerships and will help you find the best solution in the most difficult situations

Supporting the purchase of an apartment by a lawyer of our company is a guarantee of your secure purchase of the real estate.

What documents should provide the seller of real estate?

There are different documents that confirm the ownership of the seller:

  • Agreement of exchange
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Agreement of sale and purchase
  • Certificate of inheritance rights
  • Deed of gift
  • And other

Each document must comply with legal requirements and has its own formalities. In addition to this, the seller must provide an extract from the Unified State Register of rights to his real estate, as well as their encumbrances. This document will be an additional confirmation of the authenticity of ownership and the absence of a possible encumbrances.

To purchase an apartment in Kyiv, the agreement of sale and purchase of an apartment is better to entrust to a lawyer. After all, those agreements that are available on the Internet in the public domain, are not able to protect you fully, because they were drawn up without thinking through the details and features in each case. It will be more correct to purchase an apartment using the services of a broker and a reliable notary.

Each document confirming the seller’s right to property is required to be carefully examined. For example, if it is a deed of gift, then a condition may be indicated under which the donee will not have his right to alienate the real estate property for a certain period of time, and in this case you have to wait.

If this is a new construction building, then you need to request permits for construction, documents on land in order to check the information on the cadastral map, as well as urban development permits. Our highly qualified specialists of the most diverse areas of law will help you in the process of resolving all issues related to preparation for the purchase of real estate.

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